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Afghan kids graffiti on a wall, which translates to ‘No more War’.
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The Ka’bah in 1910.
"Kurds love to tell the story of how the Turks protested to Egyptian Gamal Abdel Nasser when he began broadcasting some nationalist radio programs in Kurdish. Flirting with the Kurdish nationalists, Nasser responded that since there were no Kurds in Turkey, this shouldn’t offend them." - Quil Lawrence, Invisible Nation (via kchikurdi)

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The Dukan Lake #nofilter #kurdistan
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Kurds and Israëli’s show their support for the Pêshmarga

I’m completely against this solidarity. You get along with one devil because you hate other dog? Nope nope nope

No other country in the Middle-east has ever cared for us, mentioned us nor helped us. Yes what Israël is doing is bad, very bad. Syria & Turkey are in solidarity with Palestina but you don’t hear us moaning about that? And at this moment, Israël is a very interesting partner as they are speaking of our independence. Tell me who else has spoken about that? We suffered enough, and if it’s Israël that will get us our Kurdistan, then so be it.
"The torture in Kirkuk was the worst, even worse than we’d seen in Dahuk. All Kurds captured in northern Iraq were sent to Kirkuk. In Kirkuk, the Iraqi secret police used heavy steel fan blades, electricity on your privates, and there was a deep dungeon in the Kirkuk prison. In the dungeon, the Iraqis put a snake near us. They wanted us to fear the snake, and make it angry, so that it would strike out at us and kill us. The Iraqis killed some of us, in this way. The Iraqis also used criminals to beat us, in Kirkuk. The Iraqis had no dignity or sympathy toward us—they were far from humanity." - Amin Ismail, Political Prisoners
and President, Kurdistan Political Prisoners’ Union, on Iraqi brutality under Saddam Hussein’s dictatorial baathist regime (via indignantkurd)

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bölücülük yapayım biraz.


Twenty-nine women killed in Iraqi brothel by religious extremists, I am utterly fucking appalled about this. First of all, if it wasn’t for the horribly creation of capitalism and it’s disgusting poverty cycle which it creates in Iraq, these women would not have to result to becoming…

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Pakistani Actor Sheheryar Munnawar Siddiqui backstage at Pakistan Bridal Couture Week
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Assyrian refugee from Mosul says one of the four choices ISIS gave them was to become slaves.
"It should never be thought that Palestinians in Gaza have gotten used to wars. We love life.
Ibrahim al-Batsh wrote on Twitter on 26 June: “I finally finished my high school exams, and I pray for success after all that hard work studying! Please pray for me and all students.”
On 15 July, last Tuesday, all the results from the high school exams were announced, including Ibrahim’s. But he, along with other 18 martyrs, would never know them. Two days before the much-anticipated announcement, Ibrahim, together with his mother, father and 15 more members of their family, were killed by Israeli missiles." - via Electronic Intifada. (via redphilistine)

(Source: arabicforprincess)

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The Blue Arch of a Mosque in EsfahanPhoto and caption by Tandis KhodadadianPhotographed April 2013, Esfahan, Iran
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